24 September 2015

HAM opens tomorrow – Tove Jansson exhibition in January

The renewed Helsinki Art Museum at the Tennis Palace will open on Friday September 25th. At the same time with the reopening the name of the museum is changed to HAM. HAM is an abbreviation of the Helsinki Art Museum but HAM also reminds us of Tove Jansson’s mother, Signe “Ham” Hammarsten-Jansson. 

In January 2016, HAM will open Finland’s first permanent gallery dedicated to the art of Tove Jansson, showcasing works related to the life of Finland’s most internationally renowned artist and author. The gallery also highlights Jansson’s frescos “Party in the City” and “Party in the Countryside”, which are part of Helsinki’s own art collection. Source.

The City of Helsinki commissioned these large wall paintings in 1947. Paintings were originally made for Helsinki City Hall and in 1974 the frescos were moved to the lobby of Arbis, the Swedish-language adult education centre in Helsinki. Last year, in 2014, Ateneum borrowed the frescos for Tove Jansson exhibition and Arbis got high-quality copies for their premises.

Party in the City
Photo: Helsinki Art Museum, Maija Toivanen

Party in the Countryside
Photo: Helsinki Art Museum, Maija Toivanen

From HAM’s website you find information about the exhibitions at the Tennis Palace but also about the public sculptures located in Helsinki. Recently we also wrote in our blog about the sculptures by Tove Jansson’s father, Viktor Jansson, where Tove has acted as a model. If you are visiting Finland and Helsinki before January when the Tove exhibition will open, read the blog post and go to see at least the sculptures in the centre of Helsinki!

The Convolvulus_by_Viktor_Jansson

Some of the exhibitions at HAM are always free of charge so why not to drop by even if Tove Jansson exhibition is not open yet!

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