21 August 2017

Greetings from the Moomin Licensee Meeting in Tampere

The international Moomin Licensee Meeting was held last week in the newly opened Tampere Hall in Tampere, Finland bringing together people who manufacture, sell or license the Moomin products. Besides the seminar, the attendees had an amazing possibility to visit the recently opened world’s only Moomin Museum.

This year nearly 200 hundred licensees from the Nordic Countries and Europe attended the meeting to hear news from the brand owner and other licensees. Thank you for the great and inspiring day and night!

Speakers of the Moomin licensee meeting 2017:

Sophia Jansson, Chairman and Creative Director, Moomin Characters Ltd.

Saara Nurmi, Sales Project Manager, Moomin Museum Shop
Taina Myllyharju, Museum Director, Moomin Museum
Paulina Ahokas, CEO, Tampere Hall
Baba Lybeck, Moderator

Nora Haatainen, Brand Manager, Fiskars
Roleff Kråkström, CEO, Moomin Characters Ltd.

Marika Makaroff, Creative Director, Gutsy Animations

Kristin Tjulander, Marketing and Sales Director, Bulls Licensing
Gustav Melin, Licensing Director, Bulls Licensing

Edward Gillespie, Corporate Partnerships Manager, Oxfam
Caitlin Allen, Campaign Director, Riot Communications
Caroline Mickler, Founder and owner, Caroline Mickler Ltd

Mark Ellingham and Natania Jansz, The owners and founders, Sort of Books
Magnus Englund, The owner of the new Moomin Shop in Camden Market
Patrick Haddad, The owner of The Moomin Shop Covent Garden and co-founder of the distribution company
Alyx Price, Communications Director, Macmillan Children’s Books
Stephanie Barton, Publisher, Macmillan Children’s Books

Jonas Forth, CEO, All Things Commerce / Moomin.com
Jani Järvinen, CEO, Tribered
Sanna Kiiski, CEO, Mumin Kaffe

Margareta Steinsvik, Executive Vice President, Bulls Press

Photos: Anna-Karin Sallander / Bulls Licensing

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