23 March 2015

Greetings from the Moomin cafe in Kuopio, Finland!

Last week CNN wrote about the loneliness and mentioned also Moomin cafes around the world where you can avoid loneliness by sitting with the Moomin plush toys. In Moomin cafe in Kuopio, Finland the company of Moominmamma has been quite popular and maybe soon there are even more Moomin toys to sit with.

Here are some fresh photos from the new cafe.







The first customers in the Moomin cafe in Kuopio were Elli and Annika Jauhiainen. Read their feelings (in Finnish) and see more photos from the cafe in Annika´s blog.

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Isn´t it now time to start planning your trip to Kuopio? You can also do your own Moomin cafe at your home and serve the tasty pancakes for your friends from the lovely Moomin dishes!

Photos: Ari Kesonen

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