Funnys Äventyr invites Moomin fans into a world filled with adventure, learning and joyous encounters

Funnys Äventyr invites all Moomin fans into a world filled with adventure, learning and joyous encounters! Bring your whole family along to the most Moominous cultural house in Sweden.

The Moomin adventure awaits at Funnys Äventyr!

Funnys Äventyr in Malmö, Sweden is a fun, warm-spirited and adventurous cultural house for children, and a world filled with fairytales where the Moomins stories can be experienced in a joyful and immersive way.

Funnys Äventyr Moomin

Funnys Äventyr Moomin hug

Watch the video to get an idea of what a wonderful awaits for the whole family at Funnys Äventyr!

Moomin shop-in-shop is Sweden’s first Moomin shop

Moomin products have previously been showcased in Sweden at selected shops and at various events in the shape of pop-up shops. The Moomin Shop at Funnys Äventyr is at the moment a unique Moomin location in Sweden.

The shop is open Mon-Sun 10am – 8pm.

Funnys Äventyr Moomin Shop

Funnys Äventyr Moomin Shop

Funnys Äventyr Moomin Shop

Watch the video to get a glimpse of the most Moominous shop in Sweden!

“Funnys Äventyr is a cultural house for the whole family”

The initiator of Funnys Äventyr, Staffan Götestam, was responsible for the artistic build-up of the cultural house.

Watch the video where he tells us more about the attraction and about the centre’s task to make sure children will have fun at Funnys Äventyr!


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