29 August 2016

The first Moomin Treasure Hunt on Saturday was a great success!

Wow – the first Moomin Treasure Hunt was amazing! On Saturday dozens of Moomin fans sprang around Helsinki hunting after Moomin treasures. And what made us extra glad was the fact that there were not only Finnish Moomin fans but fans from for example Spain and Argentina. Amazing!

Fans really knew the places related to Tove Jansson and some of you were even waiting close by the places. Quite cool we think! And at the same time you made it a bit hard for us to hide the treasures! But what else can we say than THANK YOU! ♥

Treasure #1:

The beloved Tove spent many childhood summers in this part of the city, and you can find one specific place named after her, can you guess where we are?

Moomin Treasure Hunt Tove Jansson Park
Tove Jansson’s park

The first winners

Treasure #2:

The centenary of Tove Jansson was celebrated with a big exhibition at this location, close by the main entrance is a beautiful little treasure, go get it!


Treasure #3:

A theatre is the most important sort of house in the world, because that’s where people are shown what they could be if they wanted, and what they’d like to be if they dared to and what they really are.” – where Moomin can be experienced in theatrical surroundings can you find this treasure!

Theatre Museum Treasure Hunt
Moomins at the Theatre Exhibition at the Theatre Museum

Theatre Museum offers 50% discount on entrance until September 3rd by mentioning Moomin Treasure Hunt!

Treasure #4:

Two to be seen, Tove stood model for the other one, which her father created. Close by water!

Tove Water Nymphs Esplanade
Tove Jansson stood as model for the larger mermaid of the water fountain Water Nymphs / Play.
The sculpture is located near the Kappeli restaurant in Esplanadi Park.

Treasure #5:

A party in the city, a party in the countryside. Where there’s a party there’s a treasure inside.

HAM_ToveJansson_Party in the countryside
Helsinki Art Museum – HAM

HAM offers free entrance 30th August – 11th September!

Treasure #6:

Tove Jansson’s elementary school that has now been turned into a museum, built in 1873! Look high and low, behind and front to find this treasures right up front.

Design Museum backyard
Design Museum backyard

Treasure #7:

“The lifeline”, a statue of Tove. Look a little further to the future as the lifeline goes on.

The Convolvulus is located in Kaisaniemi Park behind the National Theatre.
The title derives from the Latin name of the field bindweed, ‘convolvulus arvensis’,
traditionally also known as the lifeline.

Treasure #8:

On an inner yard you can spot a Mermaid Tove stood model for. Right in the centre of Helsinki, 22.

The Mermaid, 1941, is situated in the inner yard at South Esplanadi 22.

Treasure #9:

Where many a winter was spent a tiny little Tove place where art was created and can still be found.

Tove memorial plate
The memorial plaque is situated on the wall at Ullanlinnankatu 1 where Tove Jansson lived in her studio from 1944 until she passed away in 2001.

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