2 March 2015

The first Moomin cafe in Europe

Today on Monday 2nd March 2015 we are happy to announce that a new Moomin cafe has been opened in eastern Finland, city called Kuopio. This Moomin cafe “Muumi Pannarikahvila” is one of the first Moomin cafes in Europe if you are not taking into account the Moomin cafes in Moominworld in Naantali. 

The very first Moomin restaurant was opened in Tokyo, Japan about twelve years ago. Nowadays there are three restaurants in Japan and one in Hong Kong featuring Moomins. And now we also have one in Finland as well!

The new Moomin cafe in Kuopio is situated in the shopping mall Carlson. One of the specialities of the cafe are the savoury pancakes with many different fillings. The interior and dishes are of course related to Moomins and there is a possibility also to buy Moomin products while enjoying the great pancakes. 

Muumi pannarikahvila2

The owners of the cafe, Ari Tuhkanen and Pertti Kärkkäinen have been dreaming of their own pancake cafe for a long time but the Moomins came into picture later. 

“There are two themes in our restaurant, Moomins and pancakes. We think that these two are perfect combination together because we all know that Moominmamma bakes the best pancakes.” Ari Tuhkanen says.

“We have always liked Moomins a lot and we both have Moomin mugs in our homes and of course our children have watched Moomins from tv. Funny coincidence was that we had already ordered Moomin mugs into our cafe before the overall Moomin cafe idea came into our mind. We think that coffee tastes the best from the Moomin mug and served with pancakes.” Tuhkanen adds. 

Muumi Pannarikahvila is open Mon-Fri 9:00-20:00 and Sat 9:00-17:00.



Moomin restaurants around the world:

In May 2003 the first Moomin restaurant was opened in Tokyo, Japan and after that the popularity of Moomins have been growing rapidly. Now total of three Moomin themed restaurants in Japan and one in Hong Kong and in Finland are open to serve Moomin fans. The Moomin Cafe in Hong Kong was opened during the year 2014, to celebrate Tove Jansson’s 100th anniversary. The cafe is situated in the Harbour City Store shopping mall and is decorated to look like the Moominvalley.  

Moomin cafe_HK_2

Moomin cafe_HK_3

Moomin cafe_HK

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