12 January 2017

Finnish Design Exhibition 2017 touring in Japan

Finnish Design Exhibition Japan 2017_jp

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the independence of Finland, Finnish Design Exhibition in Japan will start touring on Saturday 14 Jan 2017. The exhibition will introduce the history of Finnish design, from independence to the present. The exhibition concentrates on the Finnish designers who have worked in harmony between nature and humans creating a simple work that continues to be loved around the world.

A genius who remained independent of the trends – the golden age of Finnish Design presents the creator of Moomins, Tove Jansson.

Finnish design exhibition Tove Jansson 3

Finnish design exhibition Tove Jansson 2

Finnish design exhibition Tove Jansson

Innovations in Finnish Design, the second generation of designers introduces Tove Slotte, the designer of Arabia’s famous Moomin mugs.

Finnish Design Exhibition moomin mugs4

Finnish Design Exhibition moomin mugs3

Finnish Design Exhibition moomin mugs2

Finnish Design Exhibition moomin mugs

Creativity toward the future, the third generation of designers introduces Harri Koskinen, who has designed for example the Moomin lamps by Melaja.




Photos: Finnish Design Exhibition

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