6 June 2017

Finnish brand Familon creating high quality Moomin products – now on Moomin.com!

Familon is a well-known Finnish brand established in 1966. Familon manufactures high quality pillows, duvets, mattresses and beds. Familon strives for quality, environmental management, occupational health and safety at work. They are also a licensee of Moomin and have a wonderful series “Moomin Circles” meant for babies and small children.

Moomins and Familon share a lot of core values – wellbeing and caring for each other but above all family.

The sleeping bag for babies calls for sweet dreams in the soft and warm material. It can be used as a warm cover in the trolley but also as a convenient blanket when visiting friends or family. The fresh yellow colouring brings you joy and the pattern is designed based on Tove Jansson’s original illustrations. Familon is known for high quality and the sleeping bag is no exception, it’s made out of durable material and is suitable for multiple washes. The materials have been carefully chosen and is safe for the most sensitive ones as well.

The pattern used for the sleeping bag was designed by the Finnish designer Liina Blom, who used Tove Jansson’s original illustrations to bring the beloved Moomin characters to the product line. The Moomin characters are loved by children, parents as well as grandparents. “We wanted the pattern to be calm and peaceful, that is why we decided to go with a clear pattern where Moomin characters are featured” says Mailis Linnola, product manager for Familon – duvets and pillows, at Familon Home.

The “Moomin Circles” series was introduced for the first time in Spring 2016 and the yellow colouring was chosen for the new line. “It has been important for us that the colouring is suitable for both girls and boys.”, Linnola continues.

Now you can find the adorable and practical sleeping bag also on Moomin.com!

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