5 March 2015

The Finnish Baby Box featuring Moomins

It is 78 years now since Finland´s expectant parents have first time received a box by the Finnish state full of clothes and other necessary products the newborn needs. In Finland the free maternity package is given to all expectant parents and is highly waited and appreciated. In 2013 the baby box by Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) gained a wide publicity when BBC wrote about it and families abroad were sad not able to get the similar box for themselves.

Now the expectant parents also outside the Finland are able to order the package, thanks to the three Finnish dads. The Finnish Baby Box has been a massive success since it came available in December 2014 and boxes have already been dispatched to all continents except the South-America, total of over 20 countries.

What delights us Moomin fans is that at the moment two products in The Finnish Baby Box features the Moomins! A lovely sleeping bag by Familon Oy and Delipap’s Moomin diapers are both Finnish design just like the 49 other products in the box as well.



Now already the third edition of the box is available and proudly we can tell you that Moomins have featured also the previous editions with these Moomin bodies by Finnwear.

The Finnish Baby Box _Finnwear

It will be very interesting to follow how the popularity of the concept grows and if there will be more Moomin products in the box in the future as well!

See the current box and its lovely content and order your Baby Box from here!

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