19 September 2017

Experience a memorable adventure on a Moomin-themed cruise

Moomin Characters Ltd. and the Finnish cruise ferry company Silja Line have been working together since 2001. On Tallink Silja cruises between Finland and Sweden, Moomintroll and Little My are welcoming you on board extremely cheerfully and meeting little fans at the Moomin disco, playgrounds, and corridors.

Photo: Tallink Silja

In 2015-2016 while renewing the ships Silja Serenade and Silja Symphony, part of the family cabins were renovated to Moomin family cabins. The Moomin cabins are decorated with lovely Moomin textiles and illustrations guaranteeing an overall Moomin atmosphere during the cruise.

Moomin stories are strongly associated with the themes such as family, friendship, and adventure. Because also Silja Line values these themes, from October 2017 onwards beside family cabins, also Moomin A-cabins will be available. Both, Silja Serenade and Silja Symphony, can then offer an overall and more memorable Moomin experience for international passengers of all ages.

Photo: Tallink Silja

The world’s first Moomin cruise at Silja Symphony!

Silja Line together with Moominworld organizes the world’s first Moomin themed cruise at Silja Symphony on December 9th-10th. The cruise is between the capital cities of Finland and Sweden – Helsinki and Stockholm and back.

Welcome to join the adventure to meet Moomintroll, Moominmamma, Moominpappa, Little My, Snorkmaiden, Snufkin, Fillyjonk, Stinky, Hodgkins, Thingumy and Bob and Sniff!

Tickets are now available here.




Photos: Tallink Silja

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