“Everyone needs a dream” – Field of Dreams invites Moomin fans to celebrate the importance of dreaming

In the Moomin stories, dreams lead to many different adventures and lovely festivities together with the family. One thing is for sure: dreams are important. Moomin Characters Oy Ltd is a sponsor of the Field of Dreams one-day art installation, which will take place in Helsinki, Finland, on the 24th of August, 2021. The project aims to draw attention to everyone's – both children's, youngsters' and adults' – right to have dreams about the future and wish themselves well.

“I only want to live in peace and plant potatoes and dream!”, Moomintroll yelped to Sniff in the famous Moomin comic strip after having said that he doesn’t want to be rich and famous. The importance of the right to dream, both children’s, youngsters’ and adults’ – in other words, to wish themselves well and good things – is at the core of the Field of Dreams art installation as well.

Field of dreams Moomin

“Whether you’re a child or an adult, everyone needs a dream”

Field of Dreams is open to all, fully accessible and free of charge. It combines the worlds of arts and sports and aims to raise discussion on the importance of dreaming.

The Töölö football field will be filled with 2021 footballs, and during the day, anyone can visit the field to walk amongst the balls and play with them freely.

The core idea of the installation is that whether you’re a child, a youngster or an adult, everyone needs a dream. Through time and life, dreams may change, but the main thing is to keep dreaming – and especially to help children learn the skill of dreaming, even though their biggest childhood dreams wouldn’t become a reality. The installation, created by artist Sophia Ehrnrooth, imparts the message that not even a major crisis or global emergency should deny people their right to dream or their right to a future.

“You give away something; you get something”

The installation also emphasizes the idea of “You give away something, you get something”.

During its one day on display, everyone is welcome to visit and play in the sea of footballs. One can bring along an old football and exchange it for a new one – to come and embrace a new dream. Each football symbolizes a dream, and everyone’s right to dream and to believe in their dreams.

The old footballs will, after the event, be used in new installations, and new footballs left on the field will be given to young football enthusiasts through charity organizations.


Take part in the installation

The event is open to all, fully accessible and free of charge. School groups are also warmly welcome to visit.

When: Tuesday, August 24, 2021, 11 am – 7 pm.

Where: Bolt Arena, Urheilukatu 5, 00250 Helsinki

The event will follow the newest COVID restrictions.