7 September 2015

Everyone deserves a garden – learn gardening with Moomins

With Plantui Moomin Garden 3 you can grow tasty, healthy & fresh greens without soil. The patented growth process with special light spectrums ensures a successful and easy gardening. All this is packed into a beautifully designed, compact device.

Moomin Garden 3 is the premium version of Plantui 3, made out of high-quality metal hat and ceramic bowl, decorated with lovely Moomin designs!



Learn gardening with Moomins

Plantui Moomin Garden 3 brings the joy of gardening to all sized kitchens. You just place 3 Plantui Plant Capsules in the device and the Moomin Garden takes care of the growing. The device with its intelligent light system and automatic watering pump helps you to grow fresh, tasty and pure greens year round. In 5-8 weeks you can grow your favourite herbs, salad greens and edible flowers from seed to full grown plants. No soil, no gardening skills needed!

The Plantui Moomin Garden 3 has a Moomin decorated ceramic bowl and a metallic Light Unit. You can hang the Light Unit over the plants by using the hook that is included in the package. The set includes also Moomin growth journey book and 9 plant capsules.

Moomin selection_pic4

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