1 July 2014

Design your own Moomin mug!

Design your own mug

Inspired by some amazing custom Moomin mugs we’ve seen online, we decided to do our own ‘Draw your own Moomin mug’ competition.

1. Download our template as a JPG or PSD file.
2. Print it out
3. Draw your favourite Moomin character / story
4. Take a picture of it and upload it to the original post on Facebook. You can also draw on the template using Paint or Photoshop and upload the file directly.
5. Please like other people’s creations and share the Facebook post

Two lucky winners will be awarded with a Tove 100 Jubilee mug and the winners will be announced on August 1st.

Let the creativity flow and find inspiration here: http://bit.ly/moominmugs / http://bit.ly/moominmughistory


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