9 October 2018

By purchasing Moomin sunglasses you help educate and employ young people in Kenya and support important charity work in Finland

The brand new Moomin sunglasses by Shadeshares are made by young adults grown up in Kariobang slum in Nairobi, Kenya. The 12 lucky youngsters were selected to be trained under World Vision’s and Shadeshares’ supervision in March 2018. Now, these talented people manufacture Moomin sunglasses made of Finnish wood.

30% of the sales for sharing the good

As the name suggests, Shadeshares is about sharing the good: 30 % of the Moomin sunglasses’ sales price is donated to charity in Kenya and Finland. 20 % of every pair of Shadeshares sunglasses sold is directly spent on supporting the professional education and employment of young people living in the Kariobang slum.

In addition, 10 % of the Moomin sunglasses’ sales price is donated to a Finnish charity. By buying the Moomin sunglasses by Shadeshares you’ll help the Mannerheim League of Child Welfare’s Helpline for children and youth.


Workers learn valuable working-life skills and get professional training

The manufacturing process of the Moomin sunglasses by Shadeshares is open – it is always clear who works at the workshop, how and when the work is done. The new Moomin sunglasses are made of environmentally friendly materials in transparent circumstances.


The selected young adults participating in World Vision’s youth programme in Kenya, get valuable working-life skills and professional training by World Vision and Shadeshares. Shadeshares pays the salary and lunch every day and recently also promised three months paid maternity leave or three weeks paid paternity leave to its employees. Such a deal of paid maternity and paternity leave is by no means common in developing countries.

Employees are 22–28 years old

At the moment, the Moomin sunglasses at the Shadeshares workshop are made by Henry, Jennifer, Stephen, Mercy, Brian, Ryvone, Margaret, Catherine, Peter, Eunice, Jennifer and Vyonne. These young adults will also continue to train the ones joining the World Vision’s youth programme in the future. At the beginning of October, four new trainees, Elizabeth, Mercyline, Purity and Brian, joined the Shadeshares team.

The employer cares about the employees also outside the workplace

“All in our Finnish-Kenyan team share the same passion and goal. Our daily mantra is ‘Together’. It is important for us to take care of our wonderful employees.” said Sari Kanti-Paul, one of the founding members of Shadeshares.

Kanti-Paul gives also a concrete example:

“A few weeks ago one of our employees lost his home in a fire. Luckily there were no bodily injuries but the family lost everything. For us in Shadeshares, it was self-evident that we help the family to a new start. We built them a new home and helped the family to buy furniture and clothes.”

The will of helping others is not limited to the Shadeshares team only. Before Kanti-Paul traveled to Kenya in September, she made a Facebook post asking for used clothes for the children of the Shadeshares workers. Kanti-Paul got a lot of contacts and together with the Chairman of the Board of Shadeshares, Jan-Erik Westergård, they took nearly 50 kg of children’s clothes with them in Kenya.


Moomin sunglasses by Shadeshares now available on moomin.com!

Moomin sunglasses by Shadeshares are quality sunglasses made of wood with polarized UV protection lenses. All of the sunglasses are made in SOS Children’s Village in Nairobi, Kenya.

By buying Shadeshares sunglasses you help educate and employ young people in Kenya and support important Finnish charity work. Shadeshares sunglasses are made from environmentally sustainable materials, and the manufacturing chain is open and transparent.

To support the Mannerheim League of Child Welfare’s Helpline for children and youth service, 10% of the sales of all Moomin Shadeshares sunglasses sold on Moomin.com is donated to the Helpline.

The Mannerheim League of Child Welfare’s Helpline for children and youth is a place where young people throughout Finland can call free of charge whenever they have something troubling their mind. Their calls are always answered by trained adult volunteers who have the time to listen and discuss the callers’ problems in full confidentiality. Those who don’t feel comfortable talking about their problems can contact the service through the Chat or Online mail service anonymously. All letters are answered by reliable adult volunteers.

Together we can make the difference – click below to buy the brand new Moomin sunglasses and support the young people in Kenya and Finland! Moomin sunglasses by Shadeshares are also available at the Moomin Shop Forum and Helsinki Airport!

Moomin sunglasses by Shadeshares



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