18 January 2016

Benny Törnroos & Moomins – 25 years!

This year we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Moomin animation tv series, as well as the familiar theme song that Benny Törnroos has sung in Finnish and Swedish. Benny never knew that the one day in a studio would change his life.

Benny’s voice has been an example voice of the theme songs Käy Muumilaaksoon and Hei Muumi when they have been translated into almost 60 different languages. Those who have watched the Moomins in the 90s, shows Moomin animation series now for their own children. We have now two generations of Moomin fans who knows that Moomins, Moomin songs and Benny’s voice are inseparable.

Benny together with his Moomin orchestra are of course celebrating this jubilee year! The anniversary year starts with four concerts at the Espoo Cultural Centre. The concerts in Espoo are the first ones with the renewed playlist. Of course we hear the most loved Moomin songs but also those songs that are not so often played on concert stages.

The musician Benny Törnroos together with Moominmamma, Moominpappa, Moomintroll, Little My and Sniff warmly welcome you to the musical adventure!

Here you can listen Moomin theme song with 17 different language!


Espoo Cultural Centre, Louhisali
Kulttuuriaukio 2,
02100 Espoo, Finland

Friday 29.1.2016 at 9.15 am (in Finnish)
Friday 29.1.2016 at 10.30 am (in Swedish)
Tickets: 7 €,  reservations: kulttuurikeskus.ilmo@espoo.fi

Saturday 30.1.2016 at 11 am (in Finnish)
Saturday 30.1.2016 at 3pm (in Swedish)
Tickets from: 11,40 € www.lippu.fi


Benny Törnroos & Muumiorkesteri

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