26 January 2016

Archive Treasures: Moomin postcards from the 90s

Finnish postcard manufacturer Karto launched the first Moomin postcard set in 1990. Over 25 years ago Tove Jansson’s brother, Lars Jansson, together with Eija Watia, nowadays Karto’s Product Manager, wrote the texts for the first Moomin postcards. After that the product designer at Karto handwrote the texts and chose the coloring for the images.

Karto_Muumi postikortti_Niiskuneiti_fi

Karto_Muumi postikortti_Muumipeikko ja Muumimamma_sv

Karto_Muumi postikortti_MuumipeikkoNiiskuneiti Muumimamma_sv

Hopefully these first Moomin postcards are somehow seen in Karto’s selection in the near future! Read from our blog about the Moomin postcard’s journey from the designer’s table to the consumer.


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