14 April 2017

Archive treasures: Moomin Easter in 1956

Already in 1956 Moomins were seen at the department store Stockmann in Finland. The Easter display was the first Moomin-themed event at Stockmann and because of the lovely display, all the beautiful Moomin products were sold out. Of course, hundreds of Moomin fans also wanted to meet Tove Jansson, the creator of the Moomins.

The text on the display:

Happy Easter!
And Lucky Spring!
Best wishes on behalf of Stockmann,
the Moomin family

Even today Moomins are seen at Stockmann, for example, in the centre of Helsinki there is a super beautiful Mumin Kaffe Moomin Café and of course Moomin products on sale. Stay tuned – we have big news coming soon!

Cover photo: Moomin Characters


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