Answers to the questions you have been asking about the Moomin’s Day Moomin mug

We’ve received numerous messages on social media, by direct messages and emails and we want to apologise for the disappointment caused by the Moomin’s Day mug.

We understand your frustration, and we are sorry we couldn’t provide each and every one of you with a Moomin’s Day mug. We understand the harm caused and we will take all your feedback to heart and try to plan our future campaigns and events with that in mind. There were tens of thousands of customers on who added the mug in their cart simultaneously. Only a fraction of you managed to get a mug.

Below you will find some answers to the questions you have been asking:

Why manufacture a limited edition mug for sale only for one day without the possibility to preorder it?

Arabia, who manufactures the Moomin mugs, made the decision regarding the frame of the campaign to sell the mug for only one day and chose the resellers, which included We will go through the Moomin’s Day campaign together with Arabia and see what went well and what we could improve to serve our Moomin fans better in the future.

Why were there only a limited set of mugs available when you must have known you had thousands of people on your waitlist?

We made the pre order for for production a bit over a year ago based on other limited edition mugs we’ve had for sale with restricted availability. The products were made and delivered based on that estimate and despite efforts, we were not able to secure more mugs when we noticed the demand being higher than we could have imagined last year.

Why market it as a mug for sale for 24 hours when in reality the mug was sold out within minutes?

We tried in all our messages to highlight that the mug would be a limited edition and that they might sell out. We’re sorry if we failed to highlight this enough in our communication.

Why did some manage to add it to their cart only to have it disappear in the checkout?

Our online store at worked on Moomin’s Day as promised and we apologise for the disappointment regarding that. If we do a similar campaign in the future we will look into different options to enable a feature where the customer might see how long the products are reserved for you.

Could you make a reproduction of the mugs so that everyone can get one and you would get all your fans back?

Arabia makes the decisions regarding reproduction as the manufacturer of the mugs, and unfortunately, we can not make decisions on their behalf. If you wish to contact them regarding reproduction please contact

What do you say about people selling the mugs for ten times their original prices on other sites?

Unfortunately, we cannot control the reselling of the mugs after we have delivered the products. The purchase limit 6 mugs per customer was the manufacturer’s guideline for the sales. We will definitely consider this in the future with limited edition products.

If you have any questions, you can contact our support in English, Swedish or Finnish: We are here for you! ♥