A window in Helsinki lights up with Moomin Midwinter Magic each December and it’s just wonderful

Each December, Lisa Gerkman creates a magical midwinter Moomin landscape in her living room window in a neighbourhood called Töölö, in Helsinki, Finland. Watch a video of how Lisa builds the landscape below!

Lisa lives on ground level, which means that both neighbours and passersby can enjoy the creative midwinter magic she creates.

This is the 7th year Lisa builds her Moomin midwinter landscape, and it has gotten to the point where people are eagerly asking if she’s going to build her windowscape long before she starts the project.

This year, Lisa has created a landscape inspired by Tove Jansson’s book Moominland Midwinter. It features a big bonfire and winterly creatures who Tove Jansson describes in the following words in the book:

Some of the characters are plastic toys from Lisa’s childhood, others, like the Groke, she’s built herself. As the host of a children’s show on national TV, Lisa is used to building playful props. Yet, sometimes when she’s struggling with getting the self-built bathing-house to balance on its delicate poles, she asks herself if it’s worth all the work.

– But then I wake up some gray morning and hear kids outside my window going ‘Look, look, look, there’s that and that characater’. And then I think ‘Of course it’s worth it!’, Lisa says.

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