5 products that will make your travels more Moominous

Are you planning to travel somewhere during the summer? Check out these five must-have Moomin products for travellers!

1. Bag for your most valuable items

moomin travel products

Keep your belongings safe in a handy passport bag! The bag is perfect for storing small valuables, such as your passport, phone and keys.

2. A tag to label your luggage

moomin travel products

Moominous luggage tags make your luggage stand out! The labels are cute and practical: you can write your contact information on the removable card to ensure that you will get your suitcase back if it’s left behind.

3. Comfortable travel clothes

Comfort is the key when choosing what to wear during travels – no matter if you’re travelling by car, train, ferry or aeroplane. Martinex’s colourful dresses, tunics, and hoodies are the perfect choices for a day of travel. Their selection also includes lovely clothing for babies and small children!

4. A mug filled with your favourite beverage

moomin travel products

Three things you should never forget when travelling: passport, ticket and snacks! Fill your Moomin takeaway mug with coffee or tea and pack some snacks to make the travel days more enjoyable. Having your own cup is also smart from an environmental point of view: no need for disposable cups when you always have a Moominous mug in your bag!

5. A good book

And, of course, something to read. What would be more suitable than The Memoirs of Moominpappa? In the book, Moominpappa tells about his eventful youth and his exciting adventures with Snufkin and Sniff’s fathers, Joxter and Muddler.

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