25 years of Moomin songs – Benny Törnroos & Muumit

In the early 90s, Benny Törnroos was asked to sing the Finnish and Swedish versions of theme songs of The Moomins animation series. Törnroos had already twice refused, and on the third time, when asked, Törnroos promised to sing the songs. Benny never knew that one day in a studio would change his life.

As soon as the animated series was first shown on television in Finland, all the big record companies called Törnroos and offered a contract. Now the career as a beloved Moomin song singer has lasted for 25 years and the so-called Moomin boom continues unabated. Those who have watched the Moomins in the 90s, show Moomin animation series now for their children. Now we have two generations of Moomin fans who know that Moomins, Moomin songs, and Benny’s voice are inseparable. Benny’s voice was also an example voice of the theme songs Käy Muumilaaksoon and Hei Muumi when they were translated into almost 60 different languages.

Since the beginning of the 90s, Benny has travelled in Finland together with the band Benny Törnroos & Muumit.

See you on Tuesday!

Benny ja Muumit